Star Wars Kids: Games

Carbon Connection: Enter the carbon-freezing chamber, activate the machines and make the best matches between characters, vehicles and items from the Star Wars universe.

Force Flight: Hop in the driver seat of your favorite Star Wars vehicle and zoom through four familiar environments of the Star Wars galaxy. Use the Force to avoid danger and maneuver safely through four challenging levels.

Garbage Masher: Use your Star Wars knowledge to save our heroes in the Death Star's garbage masher by quickly identifying which option doesn't belong with the others.

Trivia: Challenge your Star Wars smarts by playing more than seventy trivia games covering themes that span the saga. Are you game?

Which Film Is It ?:This fun game will challenge your memory of key and low-key scenes from all the Star Wars films. There are more than 130 images to challenge your Star Wars knowledge.

Who Said It ?: More than 130 quotes test your knowledge of the saga, each presented with three possible characters who might have said it.

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