Star Wars Lands In Philadelphia

Reporting Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) ― For more than 40 years, Star Wars has captured our imagination and our hearts as an epic space opera and a popular culture icon.

The brand's broad appeal spans the generation gap and brings with it a sense of excitement and awe for people of all ages.

Here in Philadelphia, the Franklin Institute hosted 'Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination,' an exhibit organized around solving human needs with two technology themes: "Getting Around" and "Robots & People."

Since the exhibit's February 9th opening, thousands of people from all around the country have experienced "the force" that is Star Wars, but that all changed when CBS 3 turned the tables and let Star Wars experience Philadelphia.

Infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett and two storm troopers took to the streets of Philadelphia Monday to experience all the city has to offer.

The group's Philly tour included a stop at a local cheese steak shop, a walk down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and a "Rocky" run up the Art Museum steps.

When asked what the characters thought of the city, Boba Fett cited the city's skyline among his favorite Philly attractions. A man of few words, Fett simply called it "amazing."

The bounty hunter and his friends took time to encourage people to come to the Franklin Institute's Star Wars exhibit before it leaves Philadelphia on May 4th and heads to a galaxy far, far, away.

‘Star Wars’ Live-Action Show To Reveal Galaxy’s ‘Greasy, Seamy Underbelly’

by Josh Horowitz

If you thought the cantina in Mos Eisley was a “wretched hive of scum and villainy,” well you’d better be cautious because an upcoming journey back to the “Star Wars” universe is going to reveal the “greasy, seamy underbelly of ‘Star Wars.’”

That’s what Steve Sansweet, Lucasfilm’s Director of Fan Relations, revealed to MTV News at New York’s Comic Con yesterday about the much anticipated live-action “Star Wars” TV show in development. Confirming that the show will “involve some characters we know” along with new creations, Sansweet said the show would be “of epic scale.”

As for how Lucas and company are going to approach such a massive undertaking he said “it will take advantage of everything George has learned about digital.” I guess that means it will at least look a little better than that that “Star Wars Holiday Special.”

Sansweet said the initial writers of the show have been selected and “they’ve had their first couple sessions working with George and [producer] Rick [McCallum].” So when can we expect all of this? “We’ll see it in production probably sometime in 2009. Hopefully the series will be on by 2010,” said Sansweet.

A “Star Wars” series that’s “greasy” and “seamy?” I guess that means there won’t be too many Ewoks dancing around. How does that sit with you, fellow “Stars Wars” fans?

Chewbacca unmasked to celebrate magic of Star Wars

by Alan Weston, Liverpool Daily Post

THE man behind one of the world’s most iconic sci-fi movie characters was in Merseyside to celebrate the magic of Star Wars and meet fans.

Peter Mayhew played Chewbacca, the loyal sidekick of Han Solo in the legendary films.

He flew in from Texas as one of a number of big-name signings at the event, held at the Spaceport centre in Wirral.

Peter found himself in demand on the sci-fi convention circuit after the Special Edition of the Star Wars series was released.

Other stars who were present included Paul Blake (Greedo), Rusty Goffe (Jawa), Ian Liston (Wes Janson) and Gerald Home (Tessek).

The celebration brought to an end Spaceport’s Sci Fi at the Movies exhibition, which showed artefacts from some of the world’s most famous science fiction movies, giving fans an opportunity to view never before seen movie memorabilia.

Spaceport, which is owned and operated by Merseytravel, is the UK’s most modern space-themed visitor attraction, and is housed in a listed building alongside Seacombe ferry terminal, in Wallasey.