‘Star Wars’ Live-Action Show To Reveal Galaxy’s ‘Greasy, Seamy Underbelly’

by Josh Horowitz

If you thought the cantina in Mos Eisley was a “wretched hive of scum and villainy,” well you’d better be cautious because an upcoming journey back to the “Star Wars” universe is going to reveal the “greasy, seamy underbelly of ‘Star Wars.’”

That’s what Steve Sansweet, Lucasfilm’s Director of Fan Relations, revealed to MTV News at New York’s Comic Con yesterday about the much anticipated live-action “Star Wars” TV show in development. Confirming that the show will “involve some characters we know” along with new creations, Sansweet said the show would be “of epic scale.”

As for how Lucas and company are going to approach such a massive undertaking he said “it will take advantage of everything George has learned about digital.” I guess that means it will at least look a little better than that that “Star Wars Holiday Special.”

Sansweet said the initial writers of the show have been selected and “they’ve had their first couple sessions working with George and [producer] Rick [McCallum].” So when can we expect all of this? “We’ll see it in production probably sometime in 2009. Hopefully the series will be on by 2010,” said Sansweet.

A “Star Wars” series that’s “greasy” and “seamy?” I guess that means there won’t be too many Ewoks dancing around. How does that sit with you, fellow “Stars Wars” fans?

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